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Governance and Mission


It is important to remember and frame our conversations about organization decisions, mindful of the deeper questions of mission and purpose. As The United Church moved through the discussions about the structures of the Church, the underlying focus was the empowerment of local communities of faith to be vibrant, strong, and healthy as they lived God’s mission in their context and in the world.

Governance is understood as a tool through which the organizational (institutional) Church empowers mission. The structures of the Church should not exist for their own sake, but rather, to support and inspire the mission of local communities of faith. As we have set in place the governance for Canadian Shield Regional Council, we continue to be conscious of the principles related to our denominational model.

Canadian Shield Regional Council Governance Document – Revised November 9, 2021 [ PDF – 30 Pages ] – This policy and practice document was prepared by the Canadian Shield Regional Council Transition Commission/ Transition Executive, and was adopted by the Canadian Shield
Regional Council. The responsibilities of the Regional Council will be carried out on an ongoing basis by the Regional Council Executive, Commissions, Committees, and Resource Teams as set forth in this governance document.


This is where final approved Executive minutes will be posted for up to 12 months and then archived. If you require access to regional minutes that are older than 12 months ago, please see the archived minutes below or the  Canadian Shield Record of Proceedings. Please contact Susan Whitehead at swhitehead@united-church.ca if you need further assistance. Thank you.


2021 Executive Minutes  [PDF | 33 pages] A compilation of the Executive Minutes from January 27, 2021 to December 9, 2021.

2020 Executive Minutes  [PDF | 42 pages] A compilation of the Executive Minutes from January 14, 2020 to November 18, 2020.

2019 Executive Minutes  [PDF | 16 pages] A compilation of the Executive Minutes from June 19, 2019 to December 11, 2019.


Transition Executive Minutes

2019 Transition Executive Minutes  [PDF | 57 pages] A compilation of the Executive Minutes from January 10, 2019 to May 14, 2019.

Record of Proceedings


  • Barbara Nott, Chairperson
  • Nancy Ferguson, Chair-Elect
  • Kathie Smith, Past Chair
  • Jim Jackson, SCoFC Rep
  • John Watson, PRC Rep
  • Helen Smith
  • Joy Galloway
  • Stewart Walker
  • David Le Grand
  • Mastard Sakala
  • Susan Lindquist
  • Eun-Joo Park
  • Bill Steadman
  • Indigenous Corresponding Member, TBA

Staff Support: Peter Hartmans Canadian Shield Regional Council Executive Minister

Canadian Shield Commissioners to GC44

  • Jingle Carolino-Ayupan (lay person)
  • Hedy Baker-Graf (lay person)
  • Maxwell Giffen (lay person)
  • Isaac Kamta (ministry personnel)
  • Barbara Lloyd (lay person)
  • Steven Loweth (ministry personnel)
  • Ken McEvoy (lay person)
  • Lynella Reid-James (lay person)
  • Dong-Chun Seo (ministry personnel)
  • Heather Stevenson (ministry personnel)
  • Cameron Watts (ministry personnel)
  • Lawrence Nyarko (ministry personnel)
  • Jeannette Schieck (lay person)

Alternate Commissioners:

  • Jan Breuls-Dorang (lay person)
  • David Leyton-Brown (lay person)

Staff Support: Peter Hartmans Canadian Shield Regional Council Executive Minister

Staff Support

Peter Hartmans

Peter Hartmans

Executive Minister

Phone: 1-833-236-0281 Ext. 2
Email: phartmans@united-church.ca

Serves in: Canadian Shield Regional Council and Shining Waters Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and spends time in each region.

Role: Peter provides leadership, counsel, and support for the governance and administration in the Regional Councils.

Contact Peter about: Budget and Policy; Media and Public Statements; Regional Joys and Concerns; Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence.

More about Peter...