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Diane Trollope,
Team Lead of Property RT


Melody Duncanson Hales, CSRC Staff
Minister for Congregational Support
Canadian Shield Regional Council
Phone: 705-474-3350  |  1-833-236-0281
Ext. 5
Email: mduncanson-hales@united-church.ca

Mission Grants RT Members:

  • Diane Trollope (Team Lead) 
  • Bea Webb
  • Nancy Rouble
  • Stuart Taggart
  • Susan Siczkar
  • Gary Fisher
  • Melody Duncanson Hales (Staff Resource) mduncanson-hales@united-church.ca

Mission Grants RT Responsibilities:

The Mission Support and Regional Council Grants Resource Team will receive the applications for Mission Support Grants, and applications for funding grant from the Regional Council and will make recommendations to the Support to the Communities of faith Commission for decision.

The following outlines the process and criteria to be used in allocating annual funding grants for a variety of purposes:


  • Based on Canadian Shield Regional Council priorities;
  •  Oversight and granting of regional funds; Granting for clusters and networks;
  • The development of an application process to grants from the Regional Council;
  • Review of applications and recommendation to the Support to Communities of faith Commission;
  • Annual setting of priorities for grants and funding;
  • Promotion and communication of availability of grants and funding; and,
  • Review and support/not support applications to other funding bodies within the United Church.

Grant Funding Brochure

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CSRC Grant Funding Brochure