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About the Support to Communities of Faith Commission

The Support to Communities of Faith Commission cares for communities of faith and provides resources for collegiality and support amongst communities of faith.  It nurtures new ministries, and empowers and resources ministry in the Region.  This includes supporting communities of faith in areas such as clusters, networks, visioning, amalgamation, disbanding, and property matters.  The work may be carried out in a variety of ways, including by staff or liaisons appointed for a limited time period.  The Commission sets policy and gives direction within their mandate.   

Support to Community of Faith Commission Policies


SCoFC Meeting – May 26, 2021

Moved: Mardi Mumford    Seconded  Christina Stricker 

That the Grants team make all reviews and recommendations on the United Church of Canada Pandemic Response Bridging Loan applications arising in Canadian Shield and report their actions to the Commission for the Support of Communities of Faith.    Carried