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The Right Relations Resource Team

The Right Relations Resource Team (RRRT) has made some resources available for people to download and use.  These resources are called M4RR – Minute for Right Relations.  This initiative was first started by the Right Relations Home Group – later known as Living Into Right Relations group – that was started in Manitou Conference.  The intention for the M4RR is to offer a brief monthly reflection that we hope will find a forum in a variety of ways in your context such as being:

  • read in worship;
  • printed in the Sunday bulletin;
  • read at the start of a Board Council meeting or study group; and/or
  • used for personal reflection.

Below you will find  current and archived copies of M4RRs.

We hope that you use them and continue to look here for the most current M4RRs!

Most Recent Minute for Right Relations (M4RR)


Since making the apology to First Nations People in 1986, The United Church of Canada has been on a journey of living into Right Relations. The Regional Right Relations Resource Team (RRRT) is sharing some First Nations teachings because they believe that through knowledge and understanding comes respect and healing, an important part of our journey together. 

To Help Us Understand:

United Church’s Responses:

Books and Articles:


The Right Relations Resource Team pray that these Minutes for Right Relations (M4RRs) may be a helpful blessing on your journey.