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About the Canadian Shield Regional Council

Engaging With the Spirit to Inspire, Connect and Empower Communities of Faith

The Canadian Shield Regional Council (CSRC) came into existence on January 1, 2019. The CSRC is one of sixteen Regional Councils of The United Church of Canada. A Regional Council is a decision-making body responsible to serve and support Communities of Faith within its bounds and provide necessary oversight.

About Our Logo

Our logo is a graphic reflection on our theme for our inaugural meeting: “moving forward with the Spirit“.  The cross though grounded on rock, capturing our geography,  depicts movement and fluidity.  Unlike a traditional angular cross, this one illustrates that the cross is reaching its arms outward and upward across the landscape.  The white streams of water speak to the movement of creation in our waterways, but also the movement of God’s Spirit in life-giving and life-affirming gift of the water of life.  As the sun rises, its rainbow light speaks of a world, a Church, a community of faithful who welcome the new day, the new light of new life, with inclusivity and appreciation for diversity.  As we move into the new day of the Church, we are indeed moving forward with the Spirit.


The CSRC’s governance structure consists of an Executive, a Pastoral Relations Commission, the Communities of Faith Commission and a Nominating Committee.  There are Resource Teams for Living Into Right Relations, Mission Support, Grant Review, Affirming Ministry, Youth and Young Adults.


CSRC Governance Document (Nov. 2021 Revision)


See our Staff Directory for contact information.


The CSRC is composed of all ministry personnel within its geographic bounds; ministers of denominations within mutual recognition agreements while under appointment or call; and lay members elected by the Communities of Faith, respecting the balance of lay and ministry personnel where possible. 
The CSRC consists of: All pastoral charges in the previous Manitou Conference; All pastoral charges in the previous Algoma Presbytery; All pastoral charges in the Eastern Time Zone portion of the previous Cambrian Presbytery, save Atikokan PC. For a total of 79 Pastoral Charges. 


Membership includes:

  • All ministry personnel, active and retired, are members of Regional Council;
  • Lay members are elected according to a familiar formula:
    • 1 rep per community of faith with 100 or fewer resident members;
    • 2 reps from every community of faith with 101-200 resident members;
    • 3 reps from every community of faith with 201-300 resident members;
    • 4 reps from every community of faith with more than 300 resident members

Job Description for the Regional Council Members:

Members of the Regional Council will represent their community of faith at the regional meeting. The member will be expected to provide key communication updates between the Regional Council and their community of faith throughout the year.

Regional Council members should be people who are passionate about building relationships beyond their congregation. In addition, the Regional Council member may consider serving within the regional council governance structure.