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Pastoral Relations

Engaging the Pastoral Relations Process

Regional Pastoral Relations Liaisons offer leadership as a community of faith seeks out a new pastoral relationship through a new call or appointment. Liaisons are appointed to work with congregations by the Pastoral Relations Minister.

  • If your community of faith is ready to start work on the community of faith profiles in preparation for search, please be in contact with Rev. Rob Smith, Pastoral Relations Minister.
  • Ministry Personnel planning on engaging the pastoral relations process should familiarize themselves with the Pastoral Relations: Ministry Personnel resource.

Rob Smith, Minister for Pastoral Relations

Phone: 705-474-3350 | 1-833-236-0281 Ext. 5
Email: rsmith@united-church.ca


Denominational Resources for Communities of Faith - United Church of Canada Links

  • Pastoral Relations: Community of Faith (April 2020 | 18 pgs) Pastoral Relations policy and procedures PDF  
  • Pastoral Relations: Resources for the Community of Faith (April 2020 | 43 pgs) Additional tools for a community of faith in the pastoral relations process, including sample bulletin inserts about pastoral relations, worksheets for the community of faith profile, sample interview questions, and worksheets for the search team. PDF  

Regional Council Resources for Communities of Faith & Liaisons

Support to pastoral relations processes Communities of Faith & Liaisons 

  • Living Faith Story – a supplementary resources to help communities of faith think about the content of their Living Faith Story PDF  
  • ChurchHub Cheat Sheet – a resource to assist in walking through posting profiles to the ChurchHub PDF  
Pastoral Relations Resources for Ministry Personnel
  • Pastoral Relations: Ministry Personnel (January 2019) policies and procedures for ministry personnel engaging the pastoral relations process. PDF  
Resources of Regional Council Liaisons
  • Pastoral Relations: Regional Council Liaison (January 2019 | 42 pgs) PDF  
  • Flow Chart of Pastoral Relations Process (coming soon)

  • Resources for Living Faith Stories (June 2019 | 16 pg) A companion to the Pastoral Relations: Community of Faith handbook, this resource helps  create the Living Faith Story. WORD