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Pulpit Supply List

CSRC Policies

Canadian Shield Regional Council has responsibility for maintaining the lists of:

  1. Ministry Personnel who are retired or not currently serving in calls or appointments, but meet the requirements of the Church as being available to offer leadership on behalf of The United Church of Canada and in good standing; and,
  2. Lay Worship Leaders who are licensed by the Regional Council as leaders available, trained, and equipped to lead in worship.

Canadian Shield Regional Council’s Pulpit Supply Policy [PDF | 2 pages]

We offer these lists to communities of faith seeking qualified people who are available to offer worship leadership.

Renumeration Amounts

Remuneration for Pulpit Supply – Ordered Ministry Personnel

As of January 1, 2023, there will be a $247 daily rate with $0.55/km for mileage as the minimum pulpit supply remuneration for ordered ministry personnel (according to the 2024 Minimum Salaries & Reimbursement for Ministry Personnel).

The 2024 Ministry Personnel daily rate is $247 with $0.55/km. 

Remuneration for Pulpit Supply – Licensed Lay Worship Leaders

LLWL Remuneration Policy: Set by the Pastoral Relations Commission on September 29, 2021:
Motion 2021-09-29-05 Joy Bott/ Elaine Lush moved that the Pastoral Relations Commission on behalf of Canadian Shield Regional Council approve that the minimum paid to LLWLs for pulpit supply be increased from $150.00 to $175.00 effective immediately and that every January the amount would be increased by the cost-of-living increase offered to ministry personnel in the annual Minimum Salaries & Reimbursements for Ministry Personnel Manual provided by the United Church of Canada and updated every September. Carried

The 2024 LLWL daily rate is $194.86 with $0.55/km.


Pulpit Supply Lists

Here is a listing of Ministry Personnel who are available for pulpit supply.

** Coming Soon  **


Click the link to find an updated list of the Licensed Lay Worship Leader pulpit supply listing for your area:

LLWL Pulpit Supply List


Staff Support

Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Pastoral Relations Minister

Phone: 1-833-236-0281 Ext. 3
Email: rsmith@united-church.ca

Serves in: Canadian Shield Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and works in the Thunder Bay Office.

Role: Rob encourages and supports ministry personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice.

Contact Rob about: Conflict Resolution; Finding A New Minister; Licensed Lay Worship Leaders; Licenses To Administer Sacraments; Pastoral Relationships Policy; Resources for Transition Times; Retirement; Sabbaticals; Sick Leave; Short Term Supply Ministers; Visiting Minister Options.

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