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Ministry Personnel Gathering Registration

Why Ministry? Why Do What You Do?

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m
With Guest Speaker: Rev. Kellie McComb, Office of Vocation Minister


Have you ever considered what your “why” is?  Ministry has it’s moments that are challenging and heart breaking and it’s moments that fill one’s soul with joy!  It’s easy to answer what we do and how we do ministry but do you know why?  Knowing our why can help us in times when we need to discern our way forward and it can help us be more effective and keep us on track.

Join the conversation as each of us explores what our “why” is.

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Ministry Personnel Gathering Registration

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Pastoral Relations Minister

Phone: 1-833-236-0281 Ext. 3

Serves in: Canadian Shield Regional Council

Location: Teleworks and works in the Thunder Bay Office.

Role: Rob encourages and supports ministry personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice.

Contact Rob about: Conflict Resolution; Finding A New Minister; Licensed Lay Worship Leaders; Licenses To Administer Sacraments; Pastoral Relationships Policy; Resources for Transition Times; Retirement; Sabbaticals; Sick Leave; Short Term Supply Ministers; Visiting Minister Options.

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