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Gord Roberts
Chair of Property RT


Melody Duncanson Hales, CSRC Staff
Minister for Congregational Support
Canadian Shield Regional Council
Phone: 705-474-3350  |  1-833-236-0281
Ext. 5
Email: mduncanson-hales@united-church.ca


Property Resource Team Members:

  • Gordon Roberts (Team Lead) 
  • Jack Page
  • Janet Ross
  • Stuart Taggart
  • Dale Young
  • Jim Jackson
  • Paul McAllister
  • Melody Duncanson Hales (Staff Resource) mduncanson-hales@united-church.ca

Letter regarding Trustees

During this time of Annual Meetings, the Property Resource Team shares an important message with United Church Trustees.  Click the button below to see the letter from the PRT. 

Letter to Trustees



CSRC Property Policy Manual

Click on the button below to view the CSRC Property Policy Manual:

CSRC Property Policy

Property RT Responsibilities

The Property Resource acts as a resource to communities of faith as they manage property and have the authority to carry out the work assigned to them by the Support to Communities of Faith Commission and/or the Regional Council Executive.  

The Property Resource Team is mandated to provide resources, support, and direction to Communities of Faith in the following matters:


  1.  Co‐operating with the Community of Faith in buying, selling, leasing, and renovating Community of Faith property, and distributing any proceeds within denominational policies and guidelines, including:
  2. Making recommendations to the Support to Communities of Faith Commission on requests from Communities of Faith to buy, sell, mortgage, exchange, renovate, lease, or otherwise deal with Community of Faith property; the Regional Council makes decisions relating to the property of amalgamating congregations (The Manual G.1.4.5.);
  3. The Manual C.2.6 Property and the Manual G.2 Property;
  4. Communicating the policies of the Canadian Shield Regional Council regarding property to the communities of faith;
  5. Making decisions on the property of Communities of Faith remaining after the Communities of Faith cease to exist;
  6. Training volunteers to work with congregations in a) and b), described above; and,
  7. Appointing task groups as needed to walk with congregations in the areas outlined in a) and b) above.