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Cindy Brownlee, Team Lead of YaYa RT
Email: cindyb@nipissingu.ca  


Melody Duncanson Hales, CSRC Staff
Minister for Congregational Support
Canadian Shield Regional Council
Phone: 705-474-3350  |  1-833-236-0281
Ext. 5
Email: mduncanson-hales@united-church.ca  

YaYa RT Members:

Responsibilities of the YaYa RT:

To plan for opportunities for youth and young adults within the bounds of the Regional Council to gather and to encourage participation in denominational opportunities while facilitating and supporting existing regional youth activities already active.


  • To support youth and young adult networks;
  • To plan for intentional ways of engaging youth and young adults in ministry and mission;
  • To keep the region informed about YaYa activities through publicity;
  • To support and publicize funding opportunities for youth and young adult ministry activities;
  • To support camping programs as a ministry to youth, young adults and families;
  • To provide opportunity for youth to connect and build community with one another and to encourage and facilitate building networks and connections with local and regional youth, as well as with other regions;
  • To encourage gatherings for local and regional youth and young adults within their own communities and in the wider Church community;
  • To support existing regional ministries, activities, programs and events for youth and young adults;
  • To support and enable leadership development;