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Are You Looking to Serve?

We are looking for people who reflect the diversity of Canadian Shield Regional Council, including but not limited to, cultural and ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, geography and age. We want to have good representation from racialized communities or other groups that traditionally have been marginalized in church decision-making. We seek people who can offer fresh perspectives and insights; those who bring knowledge and experience from being active in local communities. We need people who can see the big picture, people who are interested in innovative ministry, people who can help develop policies and people with a keen eye for details.  WE NEED YOU!

If you are interested in becoming involved in the church at a regional level but aren’t sure what is the right role for you, members of the Nominations Committee would be happy to have a conversation with you about your gifts and interests and help you to find the place that would be the best fit for you.  Contact Kathie Smith at: kgssmith7@gmail.com

Whatever your gifts, passion, or skill set you are invited to look at the vacancies below and submit nominations using the form at below the vacancies listing:

Vacancies Open in the Canadian Shield Regional Council

People across the Region are invited to express their interest or nominate others who have the gifts to serve in the following areas:

We are seeking nominations in the Support to Communities of Faith Commission (1 member vacancy).

We are seeking nominations in the Finance Resource Team (2 Member Vacancies).

We are seeking nominations in the Mission Support and Grants Resource Team (1 Member Vacancy).

2024 CSRC Nominations

    NOTE: If you are nominating someone, please enter their contact and other information in the sections below. Add your name and email address at the end of the form.
  • Diversity

    Canadian Shield Regional Council is strengthened by involving a diversity of voices in its leadership. As we strive to become an intercultural and diverse church, it is helpful if we know some of the ways that members identify. Note that answering some of these questions is voluntary.
  • Please indicate the name of your community of faith and include the city or town where it is located i.e. Trinity UC - Thunder Bay.
  • (In terms of racial and ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, geographic location, vocation or economic status)
  • Gifts and Experience

    It will be very helpful for the Nominations Committee to know a bit of the background and skills of the person being nominated.

    Examples of things you might wish to share:

    - A statement about why you think the nominee is the right person to serve;

    - The gifts and experiences your nominee brings that would fit this role well;

    - A summary of your nominee's current and recent involvement in the United Church.

    - What draws you/the nominee to this position?

  • Acceptance Statement
  • The Nominations Committee encourages the person being nominated to talk this nominations over with one or two people who know you well and can offer you thoughtful feedback on whether this is a good match for your gifts and a good priority for you at this time.