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Tag: discipleship

Every year the Inter Church Council of the Massey Area sponsors a World Day of Prayer worship service. This year the service will be held at St. Andrew's United Church in Massey. The program was written by women in Zimbabwe with the theme, "Rise, Take your Mat and Walk". At the core of their message is an invitaiton to listen for God's word while continuin to pray. The answer will come! All are welcome to join us to support this global movement.

A joyful community choir comes together every Saturday at St. Andrew's Church in Massey to sing and celebrate life. Our performances are at the end of April or early May in Massey, Espanola and Spanish, TBA. We welcome new singers.

Through a blending of face to face cluster gatherings and networking through technology with the Moderator who will be at Trinity in Thunder Bay, we will engage in conversation about discipleship that promises to inspire, connect, and empower us. For the Saturday workshop only, participants can choose to join in a cluster gathering or join from their own location. Cluster locations will be announced in June and registration will be available shortly. 10:30 am Worship with the...