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Asset Mapping Community of Faith Inventory Questionnaire

Sudbury Partnership Conversation


Asset mapping is the process of looking around your community to see what assets you have.  Too often we limit that perspective to the local congregation or even the active members within the local congregation.  Every community has many more assets. In any community, each group, community agency, store, neighbourhood, school, social agency, even other communities of faith within your area have assets, and they, like you, are concerned about the wider community.  They can be partners with you in whatever you seek to accomplish in your community. – Rev. Dr. Bill Steadman, “Asset Mapping”

This moment provides an important opportunity for us all to share together in assessing the capacities, skills and gifts of our congregations. It is also a moment that lends itself to renewed and reinvigorated partnerships. This survey is designed to assist in this task. The survey not only asks several sets of questions about your church’s current mission and ministry, but also invites consideration of gifts and assets that can be shared in common in partnership with your neighbours and siblings in faith. A small group of people from your community of faith are invited to collaborate on representational congregational responses to this survey.

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Asset Mapping - Sudbury Partnerships


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