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What does Right Relations mean?

Being in Right Relationship ultimately means respecting the Sacredness of all life.  We believe this is God’s longing for the earth community, and even for the universe.  The focus of Right Relationship-building in the Canadian Shield Regional Council (CSRC) is on learning how to walk with respect as indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

The First Official Apology to Indigenous Peoples

At the Thirty-first General Council, held at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, in 1986, Moderator Bob Smith extended an apology on behalf of The United Church of Canada, to Indigenous peoples, in Canada in these words:

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The Manitou Collection

The spirituality of a people who do not worship in buildings like temples or churches is often not identifiable or understood by others. For Indigenous peoples, the Creation is their context of worship.  

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Doing Some Reading?

Here is a Reading List – Fiction, Non- Fiction and articles/websites from Indigenous authors.

Summer Reading List