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As a follow-up to a Book Study on “White Fragility”, sponsored by the Mission Cluster of North Bay and area churches, which included a staff person from the Multicultural centre, we were astounded to learn of the multiple experiences of racism here in North Bay. Our group felt motivated to reach out to Mr. Anthony Rota’s office (the MP for North Bay) and our Prime Minister, as allies in dealing with racism in Canada. 

Arlene, Kathie and I were welcomed by Micheline (Mr. Rota’s Executive Assistant)  and later by Mr. Rota, where we were treated to a very pleasant visit in his office.

 We talked about our shared reflections and commitment to unlearning racism. Mr. Rota’s journey is distinct, as a second generation Italian who experienced some discrimination in his early years. 

We offered to reflect with him, as he read the book  and he seemed very receptive. He mentioned a future round table meeting in February with him and Mayor MacDonald and asked if I would attend? We suggested that Vindra be included. 

Thank you all for your support as allies on the journey of unlearning racism. 

Click on the button below to download a copy of the letter sent to Rota and Trudeau.

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Submitted by North Bay Area Churches