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There are new reimbursement rates from the General Council Office (GCO) in Toronto.  This applies to anyone in the Canadian Shield Regional Council who is doing Pulpit Supply, CSRC Commission/Committee work, or any time a church or the CSRC is paying mileage/expenses.

New Reimbursement Rates for 2020:

  • Use of Private Vehicle $0.42 per kilometre
  • Pulpit Supply / Visiting Ministry Personnel $216 daily rate – for a full working day, or any portion thereof. This rate is not linked to any specific number of hours served.

Please note that the CSRC LLWL policy is still in place until June 2020:

That the minimum (this means a pastoral charge can pay more than the minimum or the LLWL may request more than the minimum) rate of remuneration for Licensed Lay Worship Leaders is $150 per Sunday plus mileage and expenses.  A pastoral charge must issue T4As to those Licensed Lay Worship Leaders to whom they have paid more than $500 in a calendar year.

We hope this information is helpful!