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2022 CSRC Meeting Registration

Will you be attending the meeting in-person or online?
What is your role at the Regional Council Meeting?

The Regional Council will be offering a shuttle bus from the Northbury Hotel to St. Andrew's at various times during the weekend. Will you be using the shuttle?
If you are a guest attending the 2022 RCM and would like to purchase meals, please bring your payment to the meeting (cash/cheque only) and pay at the Registration Table. The cost for meals will be $125.00
There will be one printed copy of the Report Packet at each table. If you would like to purchase your own colour, printed copy of the 2022 CSRC Meeting Report Packet, please click "Yes" or "No" below to pre-order. Please pay at the registration table (cash/cheque only). (**NOTE: We will NOT be able to print you a copy at the meeting - please pre-order now)
Would you like to purchase a shirt? Please indicate yes or no below:
T-Shirt and/or Golf Shirt?
The prices are: T-shirts $22.00 and Golf Shirts $38.00 (Please pay by cheque or cash at the Registration table)
Box Style (Male) or Tapered Style (Female)