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St. Paul’s Pastoral Charge

Position: Minister of Word, Sacrament & Pastoral Care – Solo – Full-time
works with a staff team that includes:  part-time music director, part-time office manager, part-time custodian ,part-time tech support person, two contract youth workers
Position Summary: St. Paul’s is seeking a minister who will, in covenant with God and the congregation, provide leadership and support for our church’s vision, mission goals and priorities. Our ideal candidate will be an inspirational spiritual leader and a gifted preacher, who will engage enthusiastically and compassionately with all members of the congregation.
Administration and Wider Church Functions (15%)
Faith Formation and Christian Education (25%)
Pastoral Care (30%)
Worship Leadership (30%)

Skills Profile
• solid theological grounding; experience in leading worship and in preaching
• pastoral training that includes helping people deal with grief, conflict and healing
• demonstrated ability to work effectively in a church setting
• ability to develop and facilitate the ongoing growth of lay leadership.
• ability to communicate with all ages
• problem solving; team building among the lay leaders and staff
• leadership in long range planning and resource utilization
• administrative preparation in church management, communication, planning, negotiation and mediation
• capable of using current technology to enhance worship services and communicate with the congregation and community
• awareness of individual needs in the context of work, including a program of self-care and the ability to deal with stress and to help others cope with stress.

Desirable Personal Characteristics
• a clear sense of calling to ministry and to the role as Minister; a strong sense of, and commitment to an educated, well-prepared, professional ministry; sound, positive and growing faith; action/goal orientated; forward thinking; vibrant and energetic; flexible and adaptable; patient, empathetic and understanding; optimistic attitude; good sense of humour; effective level of physical and emotional vitality; secure, mature and emotionally stable

Province: ON
Regional Council: Canadian Shield Regional Council
Hours per week: 40
Languages: English;
Search team email:
Start Date: 9/1/2019
Interim or Permanent: Call; Appointment;
Area: Urban;
Role-Ministry: Congregational Minister;
Affirming Ministry: yes