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Marathon: St. John’s Pastoral Charge

Position: Solo Ministry, Part Time (30 hours per week for Categories C-F, Full Time for Categories A,B, open to all streams of ministry
Position Summary:
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Position Title: Minister (Cat. A or B Full-time) Cat. C+ Part-time (30 hour per week)
We are open to Designated Lay Minister-Recognized, Diaconal or Ordained streams of ministry.
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Start Date: 7/10/2019
Interim or Permanent: Call; Appointment;
Area: Rural;
Affirming Ministry: Yes

Position Summary: We are searching for a Visionary Leader who can lead our worship, pastorally care for and counsel us, work well with people of all ages and encourage us with love and good humour to live out our journey in the way of Jesus within our Core Ministry of Radical and Intentional Hospitality. We need someone who collaborates with the congregation to find new ways to do this while continuing with those practices already in place. We are blessed in the use of technology to connect and strengthen not only our own congregation’s witness to the gospel but that of our cluster of surrounding churches who do not have Paid Accountable Ministers as well as offering services to the Canadian Shield Region and the whole of the United Church across Canada. We need to be enabled by a wise facilitator.

In addition the congregation of St. John’s seeks a minister who can provide the spark of creativity and energy that will re-invigorate existing members of the congregation to participate more fully in the life of the church. We need someone who can ‘find ways of tapping into the good stuff that’s already here’ as one member put it.
We are looking for a minister who will help co-ordinate our cluster of surrounding United Churches who do not have ministers, providing them with support for their situations. (This is not a travel position).
While the expectations may look daunting, and perhaps too much for 1 person, we are a Community of Faith with strengths that we share in many areas (Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, Technology, Pastoral Care, Technology, being a visible force in the community, …) and are open to negotiation to make this a fulfilling position for all of us.