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Pastoral Relations Record of Call/Appointment Form is NOW ONLY AVAILABLE as an online filing.

The move to online forms will facilitate the following best practices:

  1. Automated denominational data base updating
  2. Fewer errors due to incorrect data entry or arithmetic errors
  3. Confirmation that the ministry personnel is eligible for call/appointment – the self-fill form will not function if the person has not been cleared for eligibility.

This online form is required for all calls, appointments (both regular and short term), as well reappointments. For those communities of faith and ministry personnel needing to make reappointments, please contact the Pastoral Relations Minister (Lillian Roberts and specific instructions will be provided. In order to use the form both the community of faith and the ministry personnel will need to have ChurchHub pages. Never logged into ChurchHub? Look for your invitation email or contact if you never received one.

Here is a CSRC Pastoral Relations resource guide to completing the Record of Call or Appointment online form:

(NOTE:  You must contact the Pastoral Relations Minister FIRST before you complete any forms)


Instructions for Online Call/Appointment Form