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Wanda Wilding



I have been a Licensed Lay Worship Leader since 2009. I enjoy joining in worship with the smaller congregations but am open to any congregational size. Leading worship over the years in your many congregations has helped me grow in my faith. I have learned many things from many different congregations. Attending the same church throughout the summer/fall months have given me opportunities to share experiences which have included a mini “series” of sermons. I believe in worshipping in your setting so bringing together the songs, prayers and the reflection on scriptures in the way you want it is important to me. It is a blessing from God that I can be a part of your church family.

My home church is East Korah Maxwell United Church in Sault Ste Marie. I prefer not to travel more than 1 hour from Sault Ste Marie. I am available from the third week of April until the end of October as I winter in Florida.