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Roger West



I grew up in the United Church, my mother being at different times Jr. Choir leader/pianist, UCW pianist and church organist.  I participated in Sunday school, youth group (Hi-C), confirmation class, taught Sunday School with my fiancé, got married (to my fiancé), and served on the worship committee all in the St. Paul’s United, Stirling, Ontario congregation.  After retiring with my wife Elaine to Elliot Lake and attending Holy Trinity United it became apparent that I needed to respond to the unending series of nudges I have received both from my minister(s), my friends and indeed the holy spirit.

I started my LLWL journey in January 2019 which means much of my program was undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This has meant that along with my studies, I have become closely involved with alternative delivery of worship services during a pandemic.  This time has reshaped my understanding and practice of open, inclusive worship and its delivery and emphasized the value of in- person congregational worship.

I enjoy creating and delivering a themed liturgy which helps introduce and expand on the scriptural message, a message of good news which challenges us to act and improve our discipleship as individuals, as congregations and as part of the wider church.  The good news of our loving Creator, the grace of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit are the pillars of both my personal and public faith to which I am called.

I look forward to supporting congregations from Sudbury, Manitoulin Island to Sault Ste. Marie; while continuing to actively participate in my home congregation of Holy Trinity, Elliot Lake.