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Robert Cosbey  Trinity United, Thunder Bay or phone 807-630-6521

I took lay worship leadership training in Saskatchewan from 2016 to 2017, completing my final preaching assignment on August 20, 2017. Days later I had my first chemo treatment, then hopped in the back of our MINI and drove to Thunder Bay with my wife and daughter, house still unsold, hoping for – but unsure of – a seamless transition to the Ontario health system. All of which highlighted the grace of God rather vividly.

My long-time contribution to worship has mainly been through participation in the choir – of my home church and others – and I see musical elements in the service as very important.

I see a great benefit in having guest preachers from time to time, to bring a wider perspective and diversity of ideas and styles to the congregation, and as there also seems to be an increasing need for pulpit supply, I see lay worship leadership as an opportunity to offer a needed service. I know it’s an opportunity for me to grow in discipleship.

Given the level of commitment to my home congregation through participation in the choir and occasional pulpit supply, I would only be able to accept a limited number of invitations to other congregations. I would welcome invitations from anywhere in Thunder Bay and neighbouring communities, say within 30- or 40-minutes’ drive.