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Jane Graham



I have been a LLWL since 2001 after being certified by Algoma Presbytery. Since that time, I have filled the pulpit in many of the surrounding churches as many are without ministry personnel. It has indeed been rewarding for me and I feel that this is definitely one of callings in the united church. I have filled a variety of rolls in presbytery, conference, and in the national church. I feel that my research for preparing meditations has greatly enriched my faith journey. It is indeed a privilege to share my thoughts and feelings from the pulpit in hopes that it helps someone else. Church is a place where we come not only to reconnect with God but also to reconnect with our church family. through prayer, music, readings and of course fellowship.

I have in the past and am willing to travel up to 150 km to conduct a service. I have been a member of St. Andrews UC in Blind River since 1968.