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Cindy Hebert



I’ve been very active at Larchwood United Church in Dowling for 25 years. I retired last year, but previously worked for 33 years in the field of Mental Health. Fairness, equality and justice matter very much to me.  I have always been heartened by Jesus the Rebel, who stood in solidarity with marginalized persons. I currently help my daughter in her baking business at our local Farmer’s market, which gives me great delight, working so closely with farmers and makers who love the land, and are SO dedicated to cooperative practices.  They inspire me to have faith in the hands and hearts of God, always in our midst.  My passion as a LLWL is to bring the scriptures to life, and make the Good News as experiential as possible, so we can connect to the teachings and find ways to LIVE them.  

My home base in Dowling. I am willing to travel up to 1.5 hours in any direction, to your church.  This could be further in exceptional circumstances but only with plenty of notice for planning purposes, and of course weather permitting in our unpredictable winters.