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Annual Congregational Meetings

This is a resource page for planning annual meetings, including Tip Sheets, Zoom Tutorials, staff support.

NOTE:  On Jan. 21, 2021, the CSRC hosted a tutorial on how to have an online Congregational Meeting via Zoom.  Look for the recording of this event in the Zoom Tutorials section below!

Annual Meetings During the Pandemic

Do you need to meet?

Congregations hold meetings to receive information and make decisions. With current provincial restrictions on gatherings of people, the best course of action may be to defer any meetings already scheduled and those not yet called, including the annual general meeting.

If you decide to proceed with a meeting, any electronic method is acceptable as long as the participants have the ability to communicate with each other orally or through typed messaging at the same time. As long as most members have and can use the needed technology, it is a reasonable choice to proceed with a meeting.  The congregation must be given advance notice of a congregational meeting, read aloud during public worship. Please see the document linked on the Governance in Congregations During COVID -19  website of The United Church of Canada for more information about meeting requirements.


Annual Reports

It is annual meeting time again and sometime in the next 4 months, your community of faith (C of F) may or may not be having a meeting due to the pandemic.  If you do have a meeting, many decisions will be made including who your 2021 CSRC Regional Council Representatives will be.

Here is what the Regional Council Office needs from your C of F:

  • an electronic copy of your annual report (if you cannot send it electronically, please send by “snail mail”);  If you send it by “snail mail” please send ONLY ONE COPY

This information will need to be sent to Susan Whitehead, at:

Regional Reps

Every year, communities of faith elect members of their church community to be Canadian Shield Regional Council Reps.  Regional Reps are called to the ministry of participating in the decision making council in which your community of faith resides and are given a responsibility to consider and discern decisions about ministry, mission and priorities for service and stewardship.

The number of regional reps a community of faith elects depends on the number of resident membership.  You will find this number on your stats form – it is column 16-17.  According to section C.1.2. in The Manual (2019), lay members of the regional council are members of The United Church of Canada who are not ministry personnel and who are:

a)  elected by communities of faith on the following basis:

         i)  one representative from each community of faith with 100 or fewer members;

         ii) two representatives from each community of faith with 101 to 200 members;

        iii) three representatives from each community of faith with 201 to 300 members;

        iv) four representatives from each community of faith with more than 300 resident members.

b)  additional lay members as determined by the regional council if necessary to respect a balance of ministry personnel and lay members who are not ministry personnel in the membership of the regional council.


Zoom Tip Sheets

These documents were created by regional staff from Shining Waters and Canadian Shield Regional Council based on our experience of hosting regional meetings.  We offer them as our best advice toward planning your own meetings using the Zoom Video Conference platform.


Zoom Tutorials

Meeting Controls Overview [10:17]

Sample Motion and Vote from SWRC: Consent Agenda  [4.23]

Zoom Tips Yes/No [1:35]

How to Host a Zoom Meeting CSRC

How to Use Zoom Polls [2:15]

How to Host a Congregational Meeting Online