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2020 CSRC Meeting

It is Regional Council Meeting time again!  This year, the CSRC is hosting an online meeting from November 6-7, 2020 via Zoom.

The 2020 CSRC Meeting Planning Team are busy working to offer a wonderful online experience where we can be together in this time of the pandemic where we have not otherwise been able to meet.

Stay tuned for more details!

Agenda for Meeting

The Business and Agenda Team are very busy working on the meeting agenda.  Click on the button below for a draft agenda:


2020 CSRC Meeting – Draft Agenda


Registration for the 2020 Canadian Shield Regional Council Meeting is now open! 

Registration deadline is:  November 5, 2020

A quick note on registration: 

We have learned that you will NOT be able to enter the Zoom meeting if you do not register first (even if you have the URL address).  We want to see everyone who wants to be there – please register by clicking on the buttons to your right (if you intend to go to both days, you MUST register separately for those two meetings):


Click on the button below to register for the Friday Night Gathering:

Register Here for Friday Night


Click on the button below to register for the Saturday Business Meeting AND the Saturday evening Celebration of Ministry Service:

Register Here for Saturday Business and Ministry Service


If you are NOT attending the 2020 CSRC Business Meeting and would like to attend JUST the Celebration of Ministry Service, we are considering Live streaming it through YouTube.  Stay tuned here for more information on that.

Zoom for the Regional Council Meeting

Wondering about how things are going to run in the Zoom regional meeting? We have created a Zoom tip sheet for you to review before attending the CSRC Regional meeting. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THIS BEFORE THE MEETING.  It goes over such things as when and how to join the meeting, how to participate using the participants panel and chat box, outlines the process of how we will be voting, and where to find help on the day of the meeting.  

Zoom Tip Sheet for the 2020 CSRC Online Meeting


If you feel you would like more practise AND YOU ATTENDING THE CSRC MEETING, there is a Zoom Lunch and Learn being offered for people to get a bit familiar with Zoom and voting, etc. The date is Friday, October 30th at 12:00 p.m. Click the button below if you would like to register.

Zoom Lunch and Learn for the CSRC Meeting

2020 Report Packet

The Report Packet is the workbook for the 2020 CSRC Meeting.  In it you will find past minutes, reports from Commissions, Committees, and Resource Team, welcome letters, and much more.

We are currently completing the Report Packet and it will appear here when it is done.  Stay tuned…

Workshops at the CSRC Meeting

There will be 3 workshops available for you to participate in during the Saturday afternoon portion of the Business Meeting.  There is no need to register as Zoom now has a new feature that allows you to CHOOSE the breakout room you go to.  It is as simple as that.  The 3 workshops are as follows:

  • Workshop #1 – Stewardship and Covid-19 (with Melody Duncanson Hales – CSRC)
  • Workshop #2 – Death Cafe (with Susie Henderson – SWRC)
  • Workshop #3 – Bookstore Presentation (Pat Gilmour – Grand River Bookstore)

Stay tuned for a brief description of each.

Are you interested in serving on a Commission, Committee or Resource Team with the Canadian Shield Regional Council because WE NEED YOU!  Click on the blue “Nominations Information” button to learn more information.

Mass Choir

The 2020 Canadian Shield RC Celebration of Ministry Service is happening on Saturday, November 7, 2020.  As part of our service we would like to have a virtual choir of voices from all around our region.  The committee organizing this service has invited Ms. Diana Hannaford-Wilcox of St. Paul’s in Thunder Bay to bring the choir together.  Here are her instructions: